A Hard Rain

Sadness seeps in
As the cold rain pours down
Each hour of this long day
Bringing a deluge of rain and sadness
As too many what–ifs enter my mind.

The cats sleep soundly
Cuddled near each other
Paws over face
Curled in a ball.

No outdoor walks today
Gonna bail me out of this moment
Just a ‘hard rain’s a gonna fall.’


  1. Love this. Your poem captures so much emotion. Are you a musician? This should be a song. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. That image of the cats in repose sound like they might bail you out, at least for a little while. Hoping you see a peek of sun soon...

  3. I know. It is all so sad. I've been going through the stages of grief and kind of got to acceptance right now but the anger and sadness will come back around. Your poem is beautiful and says so much. Love to you.


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