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Rise up, Enablers! Speak the Truth.

This past week in Coronavirus World
After spiraling for several hours last Monday evening, I knew I had to find a way to reclaim my sanity.  I was over-the-top angry at how Trump is able to get away with his disgusting words, insults and actions. People are dying; people are f-ing dying. We went from 15 cases, ‘soon it will be magically down to 0’, to over 1 million in a matter of weeks. And he has the nerve to play partisan politics? Calling Biden Sleepy Joe or Sloppy Joe at a press conference for the virus? Shaming reporters from CNN? Mocking blue state bailouts? Tweeting ‘Liberate Michigan’ when it’s his own guidelines they’re protesting? This is total insanity. He is crazy. The emperor has no clothes, and no one is saying it.  Say it!!!!! Say it!!! When will the enablers say that he has no f-ing clothes?  I came from the Holocaust. I never got it until now. It’s not Hitler; it’s not Trump – it’s not one person - it’s the f-ing enablers. Rise up, enablers! Speak the truth.
Let’s look…

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