Does anyone else forget to shower?

Yesterday I completely forgot to shower until 6 PM. Today it is nearing 4 PM, and I am reminding myself to shower. 

Where are these days going?

I am now taking two walks a day; my second has not yet happened. Many days are filled with lots of new minor chores since we have doubled our occupancy here, with the arrival of my two daughters and two extra cats. Today I had to do tax stuff since the long ago-scheduled appointment was for today.

The hours of the day seem to go quickly and soon it is dinnertime, where we all sit in the same place where lunch was, the same place as yesterday. And so it goes.  Many of our meals together have been fun as we’ve made baked ziti and banana bread and enjoyed lengthy conversations. I think we’ve all tried to be on our better behavior, and the three cats do entertain us throughout the day.

But it is the evening hours of 10 or 11PM, where I am struck by the unbearable sadness of it all.  Everything triggers me.  I know I shouldn’t go anywhere near the news near bedtime. The other day the movie The Holiday just happened to be on, and I was swept away.  It’s one of my favorite movies for escape (Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are just so adorable). But then it’s over and I (accidentally?) switch to the news and I’m scared and depleted and nervous. What happened? How did we get here? How did we get here?

One glass of red wine has helped. Reading before bedtime has helped. But there ain’t much cure for the Coronavirus Blues…


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