I love new months!  Nothing like a new beginning, a fresh calendar page, albeit an arbitrary beginning. I always find it challenging to navigate the ends of months’ dates to figure out how soon a date is coming in the new month.

So here’s to March 1 and the first day of my second March SOL challenge.  In thinking about whether to jump in again this year, I began perusing the topics I wrote about last year.  And putting the spotlight on last March made it crystal clear:  It’s the month of too many days, the month of restless longing for planting and warmth, the month of waiting for real spring and summer. 

I began brainstorming a list of possible topics for this March, much akin to Nancy Atwell’s ‘Writing Territories,’ a technique which I love and have used with students. Then I decided to print out my 31 days of blogging from last March for posterity’s sake.  I did write about winter, restlessness, waiting to plant, waiting for warmth, March as a crueler month than April with its excess of days, and about doing yoga and walking every day.  I’m guessing some of the same themes will probably pop up again… Do you really evolve from a year ago? What has changed? What do I wish to run into in this new moment? What do I wish to run away from, from last year?

I look forward to reading other people’s musings and look forward to the joy that comes from finding those ‘just right’ words.  Onward!


  1. Heidi! I am thrilled to see you here and have another year to read your writing. I always see March as a bridge from winter to spring. It is a special month, I think. A long one too! Lots of writing. Lots of reading. Lots of fighting through the writer's block. Eva's here too so we have a little LIWP writing group in here. Can't wait to read more.

    1. I'm so glad to see you here, Kathy! You've always been an inspiration to me. The incredible quality (and quantity!) of your writing is always impressive. Here's to a joyous, productive month!

  2. I think it's immeasurably cool how threads of writing have re-connected Kathleen, you, and me over decades, Heidi. I agree that March will have too many days and also, I suspect, not quite enough. I'll look forward to the territories to be explored, both familiar as well as unexpected.

  3. Yay, Brian! I love that we three can reconnect through this. That LIWP Summer Institute was the best ever! 2002.. such a long time ago.


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