Ode to the West Mountain Inn

It was a place we accidentally came upon so many years ago.  It was a quiet inn that could only be reached by driving up a very winding, challenging mountain road in this remote area of Vermont.  The first time we entered, it was dusk and an old white-haired bearded man greeted us. The inn was deserted.  We must have been the only guests there. I felt nervous about staying, scenes from Psycho playing out in my mind. We’ll leave the next morning, I told myself. But in the morning we were treated to a welcoming country breakfast served by this adorable husband and wife team who were warm and gracious.

The grounds were magnificent, situated on a beautiful, majestic mountain with llamas and goats right outside and a lily pond with huge goldfish. There were so many charming touches, inside and out. Each room was tastefully decorated with antiques and cozy quilts and African violets to take home. The sign out front read “You’re one of the folks.” 

We stayed for three nights, and the only reason I remember that is because Wes, the innkeeper, said their motto was “Come for one, stay for three.”

The West Mountain Inn became our go-to retreat every Columbus Day weekend.  The Vermont fall foliage was exquisite!  We would take drives and hikes around the Green Mountains and just engage in non-stop gasping at the peaking mountains.

As the years went on, the West Mountain Inn expanded with many more rooms and renovations. It became fancier and fancier and even quite expensive, serving lavish dinners and brunches. We would still go there for special occasions. It was one of those places in life where you know there exists peace, warmth, and love.

And it still is a place of exquisite beauty and charm.  We haven’t gone as often in recent years, but it still holds a special place in our hearts. Today I saw their email.  The innkeeper is now the daughter of the older couple we originally met.  It is temporarily shut down, of course, as we all are. But it’s a place that I vow – when life is normal again – I will go to.  Today I am there in spirit.


  1. Hopefully someday soon! It sounds really special.

  2. Thanks for conveying this special spot. I enjoyed being there in spirit today, too, and wish you a return to the inn sooner than you might expect under the current circumstance.


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