Sunday Morning Yoga Flow and French Toast

This morning my whole family of four did yoga together on our living room floor. This has never happened before. My daughters have always done yoga and soul cycle and boxing classes in the life before this.  I do yoga. But here we are together. There are apparently tons of exercise videos everywhere, and we chose a 30-minute Peleton yoga flow. And as we all did peaceful warrior poses and sun salutations together, I felt gratitude for this moment.

We ended with a 5-minute “happiness meditation” where the instructor called on her audience to cultivate happiness within.  “It feels good to be seen, recognized, acknowledged… to step out of the darkness and into the light. Imagine your breath is pure light. Allow yourself to move from darkness to light.” Those were her comforting words as we lay on our backs with our eyes closed.

Afterward, my husband made French toast.

An almost peaceful Sunday morning.


  1. Sounds absolutely perfect. Our fam has been hanging out together more often with the crisis going on. We've never spent this many days together. Today was extra special for me when we all ate dinner together-my birthday dinner!

  2. Happy to read how sheltering in place is not without efforts toward unwinding and, of course, eating well. Hang in there.


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