Rise up, Enablers! Speak the Truth.

This past week in Coronavirus World

After spiraling for several hours last Monday evening, I knew I had to find a way to reclaim my sanity.  I was over-the-top angry at how Trump is able to get away with his disgusting words, insults and actions. People are dying; people are f-ing dying. We went from 15 cases, ‘soon it will be magically down to 0’, to over 1 million in a matter of weeks. And he has the nerve to play partisan politics? Calling Biden Sleepy Joe or Sloppy Joe at a press conference for the virus? Shaming reporters from CNN? Mocking blue state bailouts? Tweeting ‘Liberate Michigan’ when it’s his own guidelines they’re protesting? This is total insanity. He is crazy. The emperor has no clothes, and no one is saying it.  Say it!!!!! Say it!!! When will the enablers say that he has no f-ing clothes?  I came from the Holocaust. I never got it until now. It’s not Hitler; it’s not Trump – it’s not one person - it’s the f-ing enablers. Rise up, enablers! Speak the truth.

Let’s look at the case of Pence visiting the Mayo clinic. Everyone is wearing a mask but him. The clinic had tweeted that its policy was that everyone had to wear a mask. The tweet apparently was subsequently deleted.  What was that about? Pence claimed he has been tested and does not have the virus. But this was also true of all the others in the room who were wearing masks. On MSNBC they addressed the fact that you could have the virus anew at any given moment, like sharing the microphone with all the others at those pathetic press briefings.
What hubris, what vanity possessed him not to wear a mask? Adoration for his beloved co-conspirator?

But when you switch to Fox News, it’s perfectly fine he didn’t wear a mask.  It’s the ‘left’ that doesn’t praise him for visiting the sick patients, but only harps on the lack of a mask, whines Laura Ingraham.  Where is truth? Where is morality? Then Pence’s wife says he only heard about the mask rule after. Lies! If it is the policy to wear a mask when you enter the clinic, surely they would have given him one. Their lies have holes. Their lies are transparent. The emperor has no clothes. People are dying, and I’m not sure I can take this much longer! Debra Birx sits there while Trump talks about injecting disinfectant. Rise up – tell your science. Tell the truth.  It is way beyond time to stand up to truth. Stop changing the narrative we all hear.  Stop with the excuses. Shout the science! Stand up, enablers because we are… dying.

- - - - -
So as I said in the beginning, I had to calm down after my Monday night meltdown. What could ease my pain? Gardening. I needed plants. A call in to my local nursery revealed they did have sunscape daisies and verbena plants.  They looked gorgeous in pictures.  Since I planned on doing curbside delivery, I had to rely on someone else to choose those plants even though I so enjoy choosing my own.  But the risk of going inside with others was not worth it. I had to rely on the kindness - or in this case – the taste - of strangers.  Turns out the magenta verbena plants and the dark purple sunscape daisies were magnificent. And even though it may seem trite, in the midst of this global pandemic and losing my mind over an insane president, I was comforted by the beauty of nature.


  1. My post was also a vent, a release; I really appreciate reading yours! We're at the eighth week of this madness, this pervasive sadness, and the intentional ineptitude of this administration is horrifying. Escaping through your garden is a beautiful retreat; I have been loving my walks. This really speaks to the healing power of nature, "Turns out the magenta verbena plants and the dark purple sunscape daisies were magnificent." Thank you for this!

  2. Wow, I couldn't agree more. The lines, "I came from the Holocaust. I never got it until now. It’s not Hitler; it’s not Trump – it’s not one person - it’s the f-ing enablers. Rise up, enablers!" made me think of the song "My Shot" from Hamilton and the repetition of "rise up" and also, wow, a-ha moment for me as we live through this moment, it's so true! Like Maureen mentioned, I was immediately comforted by your account of the plants. I am often taking pictures of flowers on my daily walks or finding calm in repotting plants. Thank goodness for nature. And thank goodness for people like you who so astutely write about your founded anger.

  3. Heidi, I know. I think of that time not long after the election when we were with the LIWP at the Holocaust Museum and we were talking about our worries. That was years before this. You are right. I wish I had answers. I don't know how we get out of this when so many in power won't speak truth to power. It feels impossible for the "little people". I am glad you got beautiful flowers.


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