A Restorative Workshop

 I had no idea how much I needed this. Today I joined our Writing Project for a Yoga and Writing workshop. It was facilitated by a gifted yoga instructor and English professor.  She invited us to introduce ourselves by telling about a favorite color or scent. People shared their love of lavender, of hibiscus, of the vibrancy of poppy flowers, of the smell of Paris tea. We were celebrating the first day of spring, gathered together on Zoom on this beautiful spring morning, carving out time for ourselves.

Christina led us in meditation and then we did several yoga poses, with lots of deep breathing. “Let the breath go anywhere you’re feeling tension,” she instructed. I have to say that every movement felt so good. To be spiritual and physical, to allow your body to really stretch and move, never felt so good.  

She explained that at the beginning of the practice, we awaken, and at the end we rest the body and mind. Savasana is the final resting pose. It is a restorative pose, and I truly felt restored. 

At the end of class, Christina gave us this prompt: What does gentle power or gentle strength mean to you?  People had such interesting answers, some alluding to magic and miracles.

What does gentle power mean to you?


  1. I am so sorry I missed this workshop! It sounds like it was beautiful! I have to think more of gentle power and strength to know what I think about such an interesting idea.


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