Gramarlene"s Noodle Pudding


Reading Eva K’s post today, she shared that she makes a great blueberry pie.  And while I’ve never tried to bake a blueberry pie, it reminded me of the orange-cranberry muffins that I am very good at baking.  And the orange-cranberry muffins reminded me of Thanksgiving and all the special things I cook, including those orange-cranberry muffins.  The very best thing besides the turkey and the stuffing and the spinach pie and the sweet potato pie, is noodle pudding, Gramarlene’s noodle pudding, to give it its official name.  It ranks as one of the sweetest, most delectable dishes on this earth.  It is no ordinary noodle kugel you can buy.  It requires tons of ingredients like wide egg noodles, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and cream cheese. The topping consists of brown sugar, melted butter and cornflake crumbs.

It is a favorite of everyone at Thanksgiving.  Marlene used to make it at her grand Thanksgivings that spanned over two decades.  These were always such splendid family gatherings.  I announced my two pregnancies at Gramarlene’s Thanksgivings, three years apart. At some point Thanksgiving was handed over to me, at my house, to continue the tradition, and all the cousins and their kids and my kids continued to go crazy over Grandmarlene’s noodle pudding.  My kids talked about how we should market it to Shark Tank.  It is that good – the embodiment of yummy.

I am with Gramarlene now, and it’s been years since she has made that noodle pudding, but she did have it at my house, Thanksgiving, two years ago.  I read her this piece, and we reminisced about all the Thanksgivings and the good times. Noodle pudding will always be a part of her culinary legacy.


  1. This slice is like six degree of noodle pudding! I enjoyed the connections and leaps throughout.

  2. The beginning of this slice reminds me of the book, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie! This noodle pudding sounds delicious and a legacy to pass down to your girls.


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