Lots to Celebrate!

 Someone who I follow on twitter tweeted this today: “Spring has sprung, vaccinations are happening, now this good news. Things are looking up!” 

And the good news is… drum roll… “Asteroid Apophis Not a Risk to Earth for at least 100 Years, NASA says.” Too funny.

The npr.org article that this person on twitter was responding to reads: “Good news from NASA: Earth is safe from the dangerous asteroid 99942 Apophis for the next 100 years. So if you’d put this on your apocalyptic bingo card, you’ll need to print new ones.”  Hilarious.

Today did feel like a day to celebrate spring and the vaccines. The sun was strong, it was about 55 degrees, and I enjoyed two long walks. Vaccinations have opened up to people 30 and up today in New York, and next week it will open to 16+ and 18+ people.  Things are looking up.

I decided to go to Dee’s Nursery today, my favorite go-to place for welcoming in the spring.  Hundreds of fresh vibrant new flowers were everywhere in this huge wide-open space. I love ranunculus, because they thrive in the cold weather and they’re so beautiful!  (You must google ranunculus, the magenta ones.) So of course I bought a magenta one, and then two pansy pots, pansies being another annual that is content in the cold.  I also picked up a Martha Washington geranium that must remain inside until May. I don’t particularly like geraniums; I think they give off a funky smell.  But two years ago I discovered the Martha Washington variety and it is exquisite without the smell.  I also picked up a floral welcome mat because our old one was destroyed by an animal while we were away.

Dee’s Nursery is quite overpriced, but their assortment of gorgeous blooms makes me throw caution to the wind and indulge in my guilty pleasure. My birthday and Mother’s Day are in May, the peak planting month, so my family always gets me gift certificates to Dee’s.  It still being March, I indulged a little early.  

Well here’s to getting spring fever, getting vaccinated, and knowing Earth is safe from a hazardous asteroid, at least in our lifetime.  


  1. Love all the beautiful plants you picked - lots to celebrate - especially being safe from an asteroid!!

  2. I'm SO glad to hear that I no longer have to worry about that asteroid. Whew! Now I can relax. ;-)
    I enjoyed your writing....Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that you went to the nursery. A friend and I hope to go soon. I looked up the magenta ranunculus and they are gorgeous. Your delight is contagious. Enjoy gardening!

  4. Hope, with a black-humor chaser. Or maybe it's the other way around. Either order, what's not to like! Enjoy the flowers.

  5. Your positivity and carefree attitude eek out in this slice. So refreshing and hopeful!


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