Luscious stolen moments

 This morning I stole some time for myself.  It’s been another hard trip dealing with parental aging issues. So it was my morning off, and I indulged in some self-care.  I walked vigorously for probably an hour and a half, and then I returned to my room and stared at the pool that beckons outside my South Florida hotel balcony.  I have not ventured in that pool, either from being too busy or there’s too big a crowd in Covid world.

There seemed to be not too many in the actual pool, just sunbathers sitting in beach chairs.  Having been sweaty from my walk, dealing with my hair in a state of total turmoil, and it being 82 degrees, but feels like 88 with the humidity, I decided to take my chances, and go downstairs. I’m never one to jump right in; it always takes me forever to get used to anything but warm bath water. But today I went straight in, not sure how much precious time I’d have before people came in and swam close by.  But I was in luck and swam and swam on the deep side, and no one was anywhere nearby. The water was take-me-away wonderful.  Temperature was perfect and I just kept on going, doing my slow sidestroke swimming and occasionally even switching to my backstroke. 

Luscious stolen moments; pure happiness attained – would be my 6 word memoir for this morning.


  1. Love the 6 word memoir and how you took the plunge! Wishing you more "luscious stolen moments".

  2. That sounded so refreshing. I'm glad you found some time to rejuvenate.

  3. You have to take those precious moments when you can. I could just picture the rush to get into that pool!

  4. "Take-me-away-wonderful"...I could almost feel it!


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