Packing those books

 As I am repacking for a second trip to Florida tomorrow, (ailing mother-in-law visit, take 2) I shared my book dilemma with my husband. Last time I brought with me two books, and I never read either.  Every bit of free time I had I either walked or attempted to write. This trip looks like it will be much the same. So to the book issue: I’m around page 100 in Shuggie Bain, a beautifully written, painful book about abuse and addiction. It’s been a hard read, and I tend to only read a few pages at a time before bed. The other book I am looking forward to reading is Caste. I loved The Warmth of Other Suns, by the same author, plus we’re having a writing project book group on Caste soon.  

“Do I bring two books again, like I did last time?” was the question I posed to my husband,

“Bring the lighter book,” he said.

“What? They’re both pretty heavy books. Go by weight? Who ever chose a book by weight?”

“I mean the less serious book.”


I think they’re both pretty serious.  Do I bring a third “lighter” read? Wasn’t it Ellen DeGeneres who made a joke about not reading in her day-to-day life, but when you go away, suddenly you’re taking three or four books on a four-day trip?  Just in case.

Do you find yourself taking too many books with you when you go away?


  1. This is a real issue in our household of readers. We planned strategically when we traveled to Europe for two weeks. Everyone chose to bring books that appealed to multiple people in the family so we could assure our reading fixes as we traveled. I'm curious to know what you decided, as you've got some intense reading material there.

  2. Always! In addition to at least one hard copy, I make sure I also have ebooks and audiosbooks. You never know what you're going to be in the mood for!

  3. Oh gosh, I hope you took 2! It's inevitable that however I pack, it's the wrong thing. If I bring a lot, I don't read at all. If I only bring one, I finish it the first day and then find myself bookless. I've decided that it's better to always have a couple just in case!

  4. Maybe you'd consider a kindle? I always bring both just in case the technology fails me and I need a dependable book in my bag at the airport! I just finished Shuggie for a book club and it is beautifully written, but a hard read. I am reading Caste now too. Again, not a light read. I think when you are on a plane and traveling you need an escape book that brings you away and makes you smile.


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