Sleepless Night

 Sipping wine and reading blog posts

I so loved being outside at 11 o’clock last night 

The last night on the balcony 

Not interested in sleep.

But today was the noon flight back to colder weather

And I could barely sleep all night.

Perhaps it was the wine, the nagging thoughts about leaving

Or the brief, vague haunting dream of walking into a huge auditorium

Unable to find the place I was expected at.

Sleep wasn’t coming.

I finally blamed it on the too-soft squishy hotel pillow 

That makes you feel like you can’t breathe.

The masked plane ride with the added face shield 

Was uncomfortable and exhausting today

But I mindlessly re-watched The Undoing

Loving Nicole Kidman’s acting (and coats)

Daring not to eat or move about on the plane.

I am home now, my cat beside me

Reading blog posts without wine 

Lying on my bed, loving my home pillows

Fearing that no brilliant prose of mine are forthcoming

I need to go to sleep.



  1. Sometimes the pragmatic path proves to be the brilliant one. Thank for writing about what you had at hand, juxtaposing two different days, and welcome back to the land of excellent pillows!

  2. So hopeful that you were able to sleep last night. I felt your sleepless night, the anxious plane ride, and the sheer exhaustion of it all.

  3. Oh Heidi I have missed so much! Going backwards now. It seems you are back in Florida? Or were? I hope your mother in law is okay. I love that you love your home pillows- I agree- there is just something about home pillows.


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