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I am avoiding writing today because I don’t want to say goodbye.  I know there’s always Tuesdays, but often I forget that it’s Tuesday until it’s Wednesday.

This has been an unusual month for me, and I was concerned that I wouldn’t find the time or energy to write every day.  But it turned out the opposite was true.  This writing commitment gave me purpose and an outlet.  It made me more alive and made me process certain events better.

Here are my takeaways from this experience:

- You see the world differently as you look for stories and ideas you wouldn’t normally catch. You are living more of the writerly life. A walk becomes a story-seeking adventure.

- Writing often surprises and just when you think you have nothing to say, aha – it comes.  As Eva K. said in her post “Writing can be frustrating:” I never have anything I want to write about and then somehow as I sit to write, something ends up on the page that feels important.” I love that.  It’s so true!  Lainie, in her wonderful blog post “On Hitting the Wall,” wrote: “It’s the practice of writing, of allowing enough mental quiet to listen for words to come, even when I think I have nothing to say. It forces my growth as a writer.” Allowing enough mental quiet to listen for words… I love that too.

- Writing can be a real struggle and that struggle makes you a better teacher of writing because you are involved in the very process your students are, acknowledging that writing is difficult and at times your writing is not so great.

- The commenting of fellow writers is so validating! What a gift to get response! Having an audience certainly makes you want to be a better writer. Time, ownership and response – three things a writer needs, according to Nancie Atwell, whose words have sounded truth for me for over thirty years.

- Lastly, this is a community of insightful, thoughtful and supportive people.  There are incredible writers here! 

Thank you to all who are responsible for creating this space, and thank you to everyone for the inspiration and artistry you have added to this March 2021 moment.  Hope to see you next year!



  1. I loved sharing your journey this month, Heidi, and I am so happy you were part of this writing community. I love your takeaways- it's our writing project life- all comes full circle here, doesn't it? I do hope you come by on Tuesdays. It doesn't have to be every Tuesday. But come when you can. I love to read your words.

  2. Your takeaways are spot on! This challenge is never easy (I guess that's why it's a challenge!) but always so rewarding! Congrats on finishing!

  3. I enjoyed your collection of takeaways -- perhaps none more so than the familiar problem of not registering Tuesday until a day later! Congratulation for having written every day this month. I'm glad we get to re-connect in this space.

  4. I feel honored that you quoted me in your last slice for 2021 story challenge! Your takeaways are right on... I remember when we did something similar to this the last day of class with the Long Island Writing Summer Institute and how I would refer to that sheet as to remember ideas to use in my teaching! What a gift to have writing as an outlet in our lives!


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